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Mobile Apps Based on Business Strategy

There is an app for that! Being able to communicate with your desired audience is the most important part of your business success. What better way to create a world class user experience than a mobile app. Our best in class mobile design services include:

  • ­Innovative iOS/android mobile application.
  • ­Mobile App UI/UX Design.
  • ­App Support and maintenance.

We develop and design mobile applications utilizing leading – edge technologies in order to create engaging app products. Our mobile app design team uses clean and simple design and customizable options to create your ideal mobile app. We also offer excellent security, constant support, regular upgrades and compliance with GDPR standards.

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    Our App Design Process

    Design. Develop. Implement.

    Mobile Strategy

    We help you plan, conceptualize, define, and refine your company’s mobile app execution plan.

    Our first step is to gain a clear understanding of your company’s strategy, market conditions, competitors, customer journey, strengths and weaknesses, and where your shareholders would like to see the company in the future.

    At EpesCode we understand that your mobile app strategy is the key to the success of your app and work tirelessly to ensure that your app is one that achieves your desired outcome with your end user. We create a detailed roadmap that defines clear use cases based on your customer journey.

    Visual Design

    Let’s get creative! Every user experience should be a unique one. During this phase we will create an appealing visual design and interactive mobile user experience. We will create a structure of the user interface, transitions, and interactions based on market research, user research, competition, and strategy. Our mobile app developers define the flow of the app such as the number of windows, buttons, where each button leads the user, the registration process, the login screen, and everything related to the front-end of your app.

    App Engineering

    Engineer. Build. Test. This is the phase where coding begins and the developers start creating your app. Our mobile apps can be designed for iOS and/or android platforms. Once the coding and everything in between ( making sure it aligns to the strategy, is well designed, has all the perks, etc..) completed, we begin the testing phase. We test for:
    • Usability
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Interruption
    • Memory
    • Functionality
    Graphic Design


    You have made it to the final step and that is the launch of your app. Our digital marketing experts will collaborate with you on the right release strategy to ensure the success of your mobile app project.