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Why Is Your Business Listing Important?

Inconsistent business listings can spread across the web like a deadly disease, affecting major online directories and search engines that control local search results. Good news is, it’s an easy fix with big benefits. By claiming and correcting your business listings across the web, you not only prevent charity for your competitor, you also boost your SEO results and gain more visibility among potential customers. Our Listings Management tool strengthens your online presence by:

  • Directly updating major directories like Google, Facebook, and Bing with accurate data
  • Syndicating accurate listings across 300 sites that control local search
  • Continuously claiming and correcting missing and inaccurate listings

What We Offer?

We turn your listings into marketing opportunities by allowing customers to post videos and pictures where allowed (i.e. yelp, facebook, instagram, etc.)

  • Ability for you to build a presence on an established network of over 70 search engines, social networks, business directories and more
  • We provide 24/7 access to online reporting which allows you to always see how your listings are driving engagement
  • The ability to take control of your business listings and protect your business online
  • We can also add menu offerings, videos, and event announcements to your listings
  • Updates in real time

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FAQs: Digital Strategy

For SEO, priority is given to good customer experience on mobile devices. Consumers will use mobile devices to find desired goods or services and will generally begin these searches with a category or brand search. For example, a brand search is “Joe’s Pizza in Denver” and a category search is “Pizza in Denver”. (Note: On a mobile device the “in Denver” often does not need to be explicit.) In the case of a category search, the user has intent to purchase something in a category but has not decided or does not care about the brand. In these searches, the user’s intent is generally heavily skewed toward proximity and location. So search engines generally deliver the closest locations and it is therefore important that location information is crawlable, is displayed on each page, and is in meta-data and keywords.
A strong presence is the first step toward success. With our Listing Builder Tool, you are getting the most essential set of tools you need to start building your online reputation.
Real-time reporting enables users to check the status of their performance at any given moment and get the most up-to-date results possible.
Yes. We offer detailed reporting with all of our marketing services.