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Over the last 18 months our client, a newly established Charter School has ordered 5 Email Marketing campaigns in order to encourage
enrollment at their school. Campaigns are scheduled for deployment every  2-3 weeks during school session (during the current school year while students are enrolled) and weekly during summer and before the beginning of the new school year. On multiple
occasions HTML creative for the School has had a “Play Button” watermark in the email indicating a feed to a video;
embedded in HTML is a link to an independently hosted video with student and teacher testimonials as well as virtual tours
of the campus.


One of the biggest challenges was helping the school establish and online presence. Due to the fact that they had just opened, they had no reviews or way to showcase their success rate. The School District has a choice program which allows parents to decide where their kids can go to school based on availability. Since it is an application process, we wanted to make them aware that our school would be accepting new students for the upcoming school year. We wanted to highlight things such as student teacher ratios, core curriculum, and learning environment.


Our staff was able to offer targeted email marketing solutions based on proximity to the school, student age and interest, and parental openness to Charter School Education. Our team used email marketing tools such as ac.

  • Videos.
  • Tour scheduling capability directly from the email.
  • Surveys.


  • +13% open rates
  • +2.25% click-through rates

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