Law Firm


Increase Google Presence!
A DUI lawyer with offices in Montgomery, AL and other US cities wanted to get more clients and improve their online presence on Google. They had tried print marketing techniques and a few social media platforms but were not seeing the type of web traffic that they were hoping for. They had hired another firm to work on their SEO but the strategy that they were using was not working and so they came to us to help them create a digital marketing strategy.


Our client was new to running PPC campaigns, while they were getting conversions and generating leads at a good clip, most leads were of low quality and were not turning into sales opportunities or customers. They had run campaigns both in-house as well worked with a local agency but they still had negative ROI. They had just about given up on running paid campaigns on Google when they first approached us.


After a deep-dive analysis of their account and leads, we came up with a detailed plan of action. Some of things are plan included was:

  • Restructuring their paid search campaigns so that they had a more targeted and granular campaign structure.
  • Creating better quality landing pages.
  • Running A/B tests extensively and adjusting campaigns on an ongoing basis.


  • +86.01% Average Daily Search Impression Share
  • +5.05% CTR
  • +15% increase in ROI for generic keywords
  • +40% Increase in avg. time on site
  • 43.96 Average CPC
  • 220 Unique Phone Calls